Bopp Packaging Tape Machine

Bopp Packaging Tape Machine

Top selling transparent cello tape slitting machine 

Suitable for the slitting of BOPP, OPP, PE, PET, Aluminium and etc.

Bopp Packaging Tape Machine

BOPP tape technical specifications.


Eight, the rules of judgment
1. If there is an unqualified appearance and dimensional error, the volume is a non-conforming product. If the volume is not qualified, the box is judged to be unqualified.
2. If there is any unqualified item in the physical and mechanical performance test results, the sample should be re-doubled in the original batch, and the unqualified item should be re-examined. If it is still unqualified, the batch of film is unqualified. 3. If the environmental protection requirements are not met, the batch is judged to be unqualified.
4. If there is any unqualified item in the packaging reel, it shall be judged as qualified after deducting the corresponding fee according to the negotiation between the two parties. 5. If there is any non-conformity in storage and transportation, the batch is judged to be unqualified. 9. Supplementary rules:
9.1 If there is any change to this standard, the old version will be recycled, and the latest version of the standard will prevail. 9.2 This standard is made in two copies, each party holds one copy, and the supplier will take effect after signing and stamping. 9.3 Relevant unfinished matters shall be resolved in accordance with national standards or by mutual agreement.

Bopp Packaging Tape Machine

Automotive foam tape machine related introduction --

It integrates the printing, coating, drying, slitting, winding and other production processes automatically. Simple operation, production requires only one or two workers
Performance and parameters of 0.3MM thick PE foam tape Average peel force 1.82g Average peel strength 0.07g/mm Minimum peel force 1.68g Minimum peel strength - (XtHg/mm Maximum peel force 1. 95g Maximum peel strength 0.08g/mm
Remarks: PE foam tape initial adhesion force 15-17 rigid ball, temperature resistance - 20 ° C - 120 ° C, retention force about 45 days (load weight lkg) ductility 1: 2.5. 


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