Adhesive Tape Machine For 500mm

Adhesive Tape Machine For 500mm

High quality easy operation cello tape making machine tape cutting machine 

Adhesive Tape Machine For 500mm

Tape Making Machien


Protection management regulations:

The tape machine protection must be complete, intact, sensitive and reliable, and the settings meet the following requirements.

1, fully mechanized mining, centralized transportation, main transportation, loading and unloading tape machine must be installed anti-skid, coal, deviation, tension, tear-proof, cable emergency stop, chain, smoke alarm and over-temperature automatic sprinkler, main transportation The belt conveyor on the lane must also be equipped with anti-reverse and braking devices; the lower belt conveyor must be equipped with a brake device.
2. After the continuous mining and comprehensive excavation, the supporting tape machine must be equipped with anti-skid, coal-filling, deviation, cable emergency stop and interlocking device.
3, the transport tape machine must also be equipped with anti-reverse; the lower belt conveyor must be equipped with a brake device.

Adhesive Tape Machine For 500mm

BOPP tape technical specifications.

Third, the reference standard
GB/T 191-2008 packaging storage and transportation icon
GB 2792-81 pressure sensitive adhesive tape 180 degree peel strength determination method GB2828-87 batch inspection count sampling procedure and sampling table GB 4850-84 pressure sensitive adhesive tape low speed unwinding strength test method GB 4851-88 pressure sensitive adhesive Belt holding method
GB 4852-84 Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape initial tack determination method Bevel ball method GB 6388-86 Transport packaging receipt and delivery mark GB 7125-86 Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape thickness measurement method GB 7753-87 Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape stretching Performance test method GB/T 10003-2008 Ordinary double-stretch polypropylene film QB/T2422-1998 BOPP pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for sealing.



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