Coating Machine For Bopp Film

Coating Machine For Bopp Film

1.Binary counter length setting, Winding length accurately, And stop automatically.
2. Rewinding shaft using the tile type air shaft design, Paper tube fixed firmly, smooth, not out of shape
3.Two shafts work alternately,reel alternation automaticly, saving time, highefficiency.
4.With pneumatic rubber roller pressure,Magnetic powder brake control tension to ensure the product quality

Coating Machine For Bopp Film

Coating Machine - Materials and tools used in the coating process (excluding positive and negative slurry):
1 copper foil
Thick 0.009 mm
2 aluminum foil thickness 0.018mm
3 high temperature resistant aluminum foil tape 50mm wide
4 double-sided tape width 50mm
5 Industrial alcohol
6 feeler gauge 0.01-1mm

Tool instrument
7 micrometer 0.001mm
8 balance scale 0.001g
9 steel ruler 0-50cm
10 artist blades
11 silicone sheet 10X10cm

Coating Machine For Bopp Film

BOPP film tape introduction --

Tape development history--

One. Development history
The tape industry is a science and technology industry that continues the ancient fine chemical technology and gradually applies scientific and technological transformation. The series of products are divided into medical series tape, packaging series tape, trademark paper series tape, special tape, high temperature resistant series tape and computer. Inkjet series tape. Its development history is traced back to the application and promotion of ancient Chinese traditional medical tape dog skin plaster to adhesives. After the invention of Cai Lun in papermaking in the Han Dynasty of China, it guided the application of animal leather or fabric media into the paper-based era, laying a paper medium. The basis of the application of the tape industry. For example, the paper window sticker series tape products have been established for the millennium industry. In this related technical measure, we have also developed the application of starch glue “gum-type” wet water-based kraft paper tape in the packaging field, and mask cosmetic tape. (similar to the beautiful nose tape) of the ancient flowpass.

Since the rise of the European industrial revolution in the 18th century; the mechanized production power has greatly promoted the application and use of tape products. For example, wet water kraft paper tape, pressure sensitive kraft paper tape, general rubber series crepe paper tape, pure cotton special cloth tape, black rubber tape and rubber plaster medical tape are all important tape products at that time. In the application process, the tape and the people's daily life, there is already an inseparable relationship and dependence. Since then, the world has strengthened the research and development of tape products, and developed from related special adhesives. Or the use and processing of media has paved the way for technological transformation of tape products.
Immediately, traditional process technology (manual scraping coating) and formulation technology (natural rubber and rosin aging) are gradually replaced by emerging technology, especially zinc oxide and modified rosin (hydrogenated rosin) for rubber series. The application of adhesives is the biggest technological transformation result of the tape industry in the current century. Representative products are pressure sensitive adhesive plaster medical tape (created
Ointment) and pressure-sensitive rubber type crepe paper tape.


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