Adhesive Roller Coater

Adhesive Roller Coater

1.Binary counter length setting, Winding length accurately, And stop automatically.
2. Rewinding shaft using the tile type air shaft design, Paper tube fixed firmly, smooth, not out of shape
3.Two shafts work alternately,reel alternation automaticly, saving time, highefficiency.
4.With pneumatic rubber roller pressure,Magnetic powder brake control tension to ensure the product quality

Adhesive Roller Coater

Coating Machine - How to choose a coater

First, before purchasing a reliable coating machine, we must first confirm the qualification of this company. Is it a well-known company in the country, and what is the qualification? How about user word of mouth?
Second, why can the company provide a high-performance, high-quality coater to users? It is necessary to confirm the resources of the company, whether it has strong technical support, and generally can operate stably for more than ten years.
Third, product performance, stable performance, used customers with a renewal rate of 95% or more, product performance is certainly not bad!
Fourth, the product price is transparent, no random charges, good fear is too expensive, cheap and afraid of bad, so we must measure the cost performance of the product, the same configuration, the same performance, basically the price will play a decisive role.

Adhesive Roller Coater

BOPP film tape introduction --

Tape development history--

two. The rise of tape products
In the 19th century, various industries such as steam engines, internal combustion engines, generators, shipbuilding industry, aviation industry and related motors flourished. In the fields of industrial technology, tape products are processing, manufacturing and finished products for related industries. Packaging, bundling, fixing, or for insulation, temperature and friction protection, etc., are successively applied and developed. At this time, the black tape electrical insulating tape was the leading edge, taking the lead in occupying the insulating tape market, and then replacing it with PVC electrical insulating tape invented by American 3M Company. Other types of new packaging tapes, special tapes and high temperature resistant tapes are also based on synthetic rubber such as styrene butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber, polysulfide rubber, silicone rubber, and modified resin (modified rosin, semi-hydrogenated rosin) , rosin glycerin, terpene resin, petroleum resin). And the development of various types of acrylic monomer and emulsion type acrylic adhesives, and the use of polymer materials (media fabrics) (cellophane, PVC polyvinyl chloride film and other polymer media), in the development of applications for manufacturers around the world Under the promotion, various tape products are introduced one after another.
PVC electrical insulating tape and cellophane tape are representative products.


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