Spain client come for machine operation learning

Spain client which in tape business field several years.At beginning,they import tapes from China and resell.With business developing,especially printed tapes order more and more.They plan produce tapes themself.Use coating machine make tapes,raw materials are bopp film ,water glue,and paper core.These raw materials import tax shall be lower than import finished tapes directly.And on coating machine can make different thickness, width ,length,color ,logo and clear tapes,meet various clients demands.Easy to get more orders.

First time come,checked machine details and price negotiation.After machine finish,client second come for machine operation learning.With one engineer,total two persons use 3 days finished coating machine and slitting machine operation.Now machine during shipment to their port.Wish their business better and better.



Zhengzhou EAST IMPORT AND EXPORT co., ltd . ( a goulian group of company) a manufacturer and exporter for all kind of packaging machinery , like bopp tape coating machines, bopp tape slitting machines. Bopp tape core cutter, bopp tape core loader etc

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