Scotch tape production process---

       The BOPP film is placed at the end of the machine, and the rubber box is placed under the rubberizing roller (the pressure sensitive glue is placed in the plastic box). After the BOPP film is glued to the water, the back is pressed against the oven aluminum plate for drying, and after drying, it is transparent, in the machine head. The part is required to wind up, and the machine head must have an automatic correcting instrument to control the tape to be neat and flat. The winding can be arranged according to the user's tape machine, and the mother roll is collected. If the mother roll is collected, the tape slitting machine must be used. The function of the slitting machine is to accelerate the production efficiency of the finished tape. In addition, the tape coating machine and the slitting machine must have a pipe cutting machine. The function is to cut the entire paper tube into the inner core of the tape of the required width.

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