Tape equipment machine belt replacement method ---

The invention relates to a method for replacing a belt of a belt conveyor. The invention relates to a method for replacing a belt of a belt conveyor, which comprises: vulcanizing a new tape of a certain length outside the mine and folding and placing it, in the tail section of the downhole temporary machine to the tail belt Belt and vulcanized connection, install auxiliary belting facilities, install auxiliary equipment, and lead the new belt to the door of the main drive machine room. The bottom belt, each with a splint, the heavy hammer is mentioned in the high position, the monkey car room is broken. On the upper belt, pull the upper belt back to the wellhead. Strip the old one and use the wire rope card to divide the new lead wire rope and the old lead wire rope into several groups. Connect one end of the wire rope to the old one, and the other end to the car, ready to tow. Release the splint, release the old and new connector, use the pulley guide at the door of the monkey car, pull the last end of the new belt into the head and tighten it, then determine the size of the broken belt, then break the strap, remove the temporary tail, release and Remove all splint weights, test the belt, adjust the belt running offset until the belt runs normally.

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