Introduction to GL-809 Tape Rewinder --

Yesterday, after the release of Afghan customer Mohammed led his company's technical staff to the company to study and learn the operation 
and performance of GL-809 tape rewinding machine, many new and old customers also contacted the company and also received the company. 
The relevant literature on the GL-809 rewinder sent by the customer is here. This small series will briefly introduce the relevant performance of the 
GL-809 rewinder:

GL-809 tape rewinding machine is suitable for BOPP tape, PE, PET, masking tape, double-sided tape, foam tape, release paper and many other 
viscous and non-stick materials; the main working characteristics of the machine are:
1. The paper core is firmly fixed to the pneumatic shaft. The efficiency is greatly improved by simple and fast loading and unloading.
2. The pressure roller is controlled by the cylinder and the pressure is adjustable. Properly suppress the semi-finished product to ensure smooth 
and stable operation during the rewinding process.
3. Programmable controller: The high-performance programmable controller can easily control the entire rewind operation. Accurate display of 
length and tension through LCD readings.
4. Automatic length setting: The two-step length counter provides precise rewind length control. After the set length is reached, the servo motor
is used to automatically replace the shaft immediately, ensuring easy operation and high performance.

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