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Hello everyone, this small series has met with you again.
Some time ago, I received a lot of customers to leave a message on the company website and social accounts. The company's introduction to the product was displayed in the form of graphics, but it is not too intuitive to understand the machine after reading the content. Can you ask if you can The video and audio method explained the company's product machine... Then, after the efforts of the company's relevant staff, I finally produced the video and audio video of the first tape slitter machine yesterday and uploaded it on YouTube. In the later period, we will continue to record audio and video videos from other machines. Please pay more attention.

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Zhengzhou EAST IMPORT AND EXPORT co., ltd . ( a goulian group of company) a manufacturer and exporter for all kind of packaging machinery , like bopp tape coating machines, bopp tape slitting machines. Bopp tape core cutter, bopp tape core loader etc

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