GL-702 bopp tape cutting machine

-------Cutting pvc tape, bopp tape,PE, PET, EVA, masking tape , foam tape ,double sided tape etc.

Product Description

1. Japan Mitsubishi Automatic PLC with touch screen control panel , 20 modes for 

    size pre-setting each time & auto changing when cutting.  

2. Auto liquid silicon water spray cooling system: to avoid the adhesive sticking on 

    the blade and ensure the smooth cutting.

3. AC motors for cutting blade and cutting shaft with inverters speed changing .

4. Positioning system for cutting: servo motor to control more accurate position.

5. Double shafts, double blades

Item GL-702-1300 GL-702-1600
Dimensions  3.20m*1.2m*1.65m 3.50m*1.22m*1.65m
Cutting width 1-1300mm 1-1600mm
Max.cutting speed 35cuts/min 35cuts/min
Max.cutting diameter 230mm 230mm
Cutting blade diameter Φ250mm,300(size   ordered) Φ250mm,300(size   ordered)
Paper core diameter 1”-3” 1”-3”


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