GL-806 Tape Rewinding Machine

--- rewinding big diameter jumbo roll to small one.

Product Description

1. 2 -step length counter,accurate rewinding length setting & auto stop when finish.

2. Inflatable shaft  rewinding ,firmly fixing the rewinding core on the shaft, easy

    loading & unloading.

3. Banana roller,eliminate wrinkles.

4. Pneumatic brake,steady & accurate stop.

Main Technical Parameters:

Item             GL-806-1300             GL-806-1600            
Dimensions              2.6m*1.7m*1.5m             2.9m*1.7m*1.5m            
Power             3-phase,380v,50Hz,4kw   3-phase,380v,50Hz,6kw 
Max.rewinding speed           100m/min             100m/min            
Max.rewinding width           1300mm             1600mm            
Max.loading diameter          600mm             600mm            
Max.rewinding diameter 300mm            300mm      
Paper core inner diameter    3”             3”           






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