GL-809 Double-shaft Auto Rewinding Machine 

-------Suitable for BOPP tape, PE, PET, masking tape, double-sided tape, foam tape, release paper and many other adhesive and non-adhesive materials.

Product Description

1. The paper core is held firmly on the pneumatic shaft. With easy, fast loading and unloading,

    it greatly improves efficiency.

2. The pressing roller is controlled by the cylinder and the pressure is adjustable. The semi-finished

    products are properly pressed to ensure smooth, stable running during rewinding.

3. Programmable controller: the high performance programmable controller offers convenient control

   of the entire rewinding operation. Both length and tension are accurately displayed by LCD readout. 

4. Automatic length setting: the two-step length counter provides accurate rewinding length control.

    Once the set length is reached, a servo motor is adopted so that shafts will instantly and

    automatically changes, ensuring easy operation and efficient performance.

Main Technical Parameters:

Machine width

1.3M    /   1.6M

Cutting precision

+ / - 0.1mm

Max. Cutting O.D.


Inner core I.D.


Min. Cutting width






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