GL-212 bopp adhesive tape slitting rewinding machine

GL-212 BOPP Tape Slitter, non stop when change rewinding shafts,230m/min faster speed .Making various specifications of finished adhesive tapes from jumbo roll which has been coated with glue, together with other three machines, paper tube cutting machine, paper tube loader and a rewinder making a full line.

Product Description

1. Machine no stop during change shafts, save time.

2. Advanced three - section length count to ensure exact coiling length.

3. One time maximum can rewinding one ton jumbo roll scrap.

4. Control of all parts of machine,centralized control panel left and right, easy of operate.

5. After the crimping operation is completed, the two shafts are antomatically exchanged, 

    easy to operate and high efficiency.

Main Technical Parameters:

Specificatios Atribute
Effective working width 1600mm 1300mm
Long*Width*Height 2600*1300*1500mm 2300*1200*1400mm
Slitting Speed 0 - 180 m/min 0 - 180 m/min
Paper core diameter φ76.2mm φ76.2mm
Mini slitting width 12mm 12mm
Cutting tool specifications 0.2*22*60mm 0.2*22*60mm
Maximum feed diameter 700mm 700mm
Power 5.5kw 380v 50hz 4kw 380v 50hz







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